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A better way to experience blogs

Long blog posts are hard to read on mobile. With truvvl stories, swiping through your favorite travel blogs is fun.

Swipe through an endless stream of stories from the truvvl community, based on the things you love • Discover nearby stories • Explore new stories from top creators.
Going on vacation? Discover hidden gems at your next destination • Keep up with current trends • Connect with other truvvlers • Get inspired by the truvvl community for your next trip.
Take a snapshot, add a slide and share it • Bring your photos to life with fun and creative filters • Bring colour to your stories with customisable backgrounds.
Monetize your stories on your own domain as AMP web stories • Post to Hive, the decentralized social network, and earn cryptocurrency. • Get rewarded with truvvl coins for your activity.

Frequently-asked questions

I already have a TravelFeed account, do I need to create a new account for truvvl?

No, you can simply login with your TravelFeed account. We have already migrated all you existing blog posts to stories!

Can I post from truvvl to my TravelFeed blog?

Yes! You can choose to publish stories you create on truvvl to TravelFeed and to your blog on your own domain - and even to Hive.

Is there any charge to use truvvl?

Truvvl is a free app. However, if you post to supported blockchains, we may charge a beneficiary fee of 10% of your post earnings (5% of the total post earnings). We use these earnings to finance prize pools for our contests to give back to active community members.

What are truvvl coins?

Truvvl coins are an in-app currency and awarded for app activity, such as creating and liking stories, following others or referring friends. Each day, there is a number of coins waiting for you. The more truvvl coins you collect, the higher you climb on the leaderboard! Truvvl coins are currently not tradable, but we may offer rewards to leaderboard leaders from time to time.

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